Delivery Information

When will my order be shipped out?

- If all the items in your order are from the Ready to Ship section, your order will be shipped out within 24 hours.

- If your order also contains other items, here are some reference times:

Feathers, fabrics, and certain appliques (Selina, Talia, Isla, Emma) will typically be shipped within 3-4 days.

Most other rhinestone appliques may require some time for production. Depending on the quantity, it usually takes 5-15 days during peak seasons and 3-5 days during off-peak seasons.

An order will be shipped in one package once all items are ready.


When can I receive my order?

- If you're in the United States and have chosen our express shipping, your order will be delivered within 2-5 business days after shipment (2-3 business days for Ready to Ship items).

- If you've selected another shipping method or you're in a country outside the US, you can see the shipping time during checkout.

- Please note that shipping time does NOT include production time. Due to various factors affecting international logistics, our shipping time serves as an average reference. If you have a very strict deadline, please proceed with caution when placing your order.


What should I do if only SOME of the appliques I need are in the Ready to Ship section?

- You can order all the appliques you need in the regular Rhinestone Bodices section to save costs. Our Ready to Ship items are stored in a separate warehouse. Due to storage costs, they are priced $1-2 higher than the items in the regular Rhinestone Bodices section.

- If you want to shorten the production time, you can select appliques from both sections and place one order. We will ship your order with one package.


What is the shipping cost?

Your final shipping cost depends on the total weight, it will be available to you during checkout.