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-  You can order all the appliques you need in the regular Rhinestone Bodices section to save costs. Our “Ready to Ship” items are stored in a separate warehouse. Due to storage costs, they are priced $1-2 higher than the items in the regular Rhinestone Bodices section.

-  If you wish to shorten the production time, you can select appliques from both sections and place one order. We will ship your order in one package.

About fallen stones:

- Due to long-distance transportation, rhinestones may fall off the prongs. When taking the applique out of the bag, please check for any fallen rhinestones in the bag and put it back in prongs.

- Our appliques are all handmade, and in very rare cases, loose stitches may occur. In such instances, please stitch the loose rhinestone back onto the mesh.


This stunning bodice applique is a perfect choice for your prom dress, evening gowns, party dress, wedding dress etc. It is available in a variety of different colors, making it the perfect choice to add a touch of sparkle and glamour to any outfit. Our customers absolutely love Bliss - it's one of our most popular products! With its high-quality materials, breathtaking design, and range of colors to choose from, it's no wonder why. This is not your average rhinestone applique - it's a statement piece that will make heads turn and hearts race.

If you have any questions or requirements, feel free to contact us:


Instagram: rhinemood_rhinestonebodice

WhatsApp: +8617717370165

Wechat: 17717370165


We use only the finest rhinetones and beads to make sure the designers can make the most stunning dresses.



Located in GuangZhou, China, Rhinemood has been designing and producing the most dazzling rhinestone appliques for designers around the world since 1998. Our appliques are suitable for various occasions and styles of clothing decoration. Common ones are bridal dress, low chest bodice, prom dress, evening party dress, etc. We provide one-stop OEM & ODM service with low MOQ, fast shipping and competitive prices. 100% of our products are inspected before shipping to guarantee quality.

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